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Open source refers to a development method/information resource used for promoting free software, harnessing the power of distributed peer review and transparency of business development community process. The main principle and practice for developing the open source software is peer production by bartering & collaboration with the end product, source material, blue prints and documentation for cost effective prices. Users can easily run, copy, study and change the software package at better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Dassinfotech is enrolled with an identifying team of professionals geared to challenge the competency of the prevailing internet market. Our experts ensures client with the flexibility of operating & handling some of the open source software model like Apache, Linux, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and even more. Complete understanding of client's requirement enhances success in our team and enables to perform challenging roles in open source development community.

Our Expertise BlazeDream has a pool of talent with the ability to learn, adapt and implement with ease. Our .NET development team has been delivering robust and user-friendly applications that have been proving to be a boon for information management in the organization.

Benefits for Application Users:
  • Open source software offers flexibility to users to run the program for any kind of purpose. Our Expertise Cover:
  • It can easily be examined & exactly known how the program works. Users can adjust and access the source code as it is actually a precondition code.
  • Availability of source code provides greater continuity and security against clients key source.
  • Our Expertise Cover:
  • Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UNIX which manages & controls the different programs of the user with increased reliability.
  • CMS services like content management & administration, collaboration, intranet, extranet and portal development services.
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